10 Things You Probably Never Knew About Bridgend


Home to Brackla Industrial Estate and Coychurch Crematorium, the historic town of Bridgend is now regarded as one of the most averagest towns in South Wales. Here are ten things you probably didn’t know about Bridgend

1. The town of Bridgend is built on the site of a medieval dogging site. Historians believe that doggers of the Middle Ages congregated where Tesco Extra is now situated. Recent excavations have found evidence that the area was used for public displays of love. Some historians believe that there was a Dicky Donuts in the area during that time, where lovers would go to recover after their affectionate performances.

2. The first settlers in Bridgend came from the nearby Sarn Service Station. They built schools, shops and a Home Bargains.

The remains of the town’s first Home Bargains store

3. The population of Bridgend exploded after the town’s first milk round was introduced. Over 17,000 babies were born in one year, all resembling Dai The Milk, who was the town’s official milkman.

4. Wildmill was once a holiday destination for the rich and famous. Queen Victoria once visited, as did Mahatma Gandhi, who stubbed his toe while taking a walk to visit the Ford Plant Factory.

5. The town’s crowning glory is the Rhiw Centre, which is home to both its daily shoppers. Often referred to as Rhiwlaska due to its low footfall, the shopping centre boasts several shops and sometimes some fat geezer trying to sell Sky.

6. Millions of people flock from all over the globe to visit the world-famous McArthur Glen shopping outlet. The venue sells all the shit that none of the main shops couldn’t shift during the year and is popular with tourists and locals alike.

A local shopping centre on a quiet Wednesday afternoon

7. Bridgend Ravens RFC was founded in 1792, many years before the invention of rugby. Supporters would sit around drinking beer on Saturday afternoons but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that the pitch was installed and they could watch players throw a ball about.

8. David Lean’s epic 1962 movie Lawrence of Arabia was filmed in nearby Merthyr Mawr. The cast and crew would retire to the local Harvester to get shit-faced after a good day’s filming.

The Harvester pub. Not the one in Bridgend. But you get the idea

9. Bridgend was the birthplace of many well-known names, such as Chico, that guy who broke the world record for lifting a car with his nipples and that girl who was on Pop Idol once.

10. Bridgend once had a zoo but all the animals escaped and integrated themselves into the local community. After all hope was abandoned of returning the animals, the venue was converted into the King’s Head pub.

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