Top Ten WalesOnCraic stories of 2014

2014 saw the launch of WalesOnCraic and within 7 months, we'd had over 1 million visitors to our site. These were our top ten stories from that year.

10 things you thought you’d forgotten about growing up in South Wales

Corona pop
To kick things off, here's a list of things you thought you'd forgotten about growing up in South Wales

sheep shagger
At number 9, a short but sweet list of the things we really don't give a shit about.

Walking Dead film crew mistake Aberdare for film set

walking dead
Walking Dead? Aberdare? The two are easily confused, as you'll find out here.

Newport taxi driver takes Barack Obama to CASTLE BINGO instead of CARDIFF CASTLE

Barack Obama Wales
With NATO in town, this was one of our first posts to go viral and for good reason. Full story here.

7 Things To Do In South Wales While The NATO Summit Is On

celtic manor
NATO headed to Wales two weeks after we launched WalesOnCraic and this was another of our first posts to go viral. Find out what the fuss was all about here.

Yankee Candles to ‘Launch New Port Talbot scented candles’

This post is still as popular as ever, especially at Christmas. Port Talbot Yankee Candles are here to stay!

Wrexham ‘Wolverine’ slices off own penis after attempting to scratch buttocks

This story was picked up by a genuine news outlet and passed around as a genuine news story. Read about poor old Woverine here.

The Christmas Corona pop lorry is heading to Wales!

corona pop
The Coco Cola truck headed to Wales in November. Not wanting to be outdone, the boys and girls at Corona Pop sent out their lorry.

Beaujolais Day renamed ‘Middle-Aged Welsh Women Getting Shit-Faced’ Day

beajoulais day 2015
We've known it all along but Beaujolais Day has officially been renamed as Middle Aged Women Getting Shit-Faced Day

Top 10 freakiest Welsh villages

Top of the pile for 2014 was this little cracker - the Top 10 Freakiest Welsh Villages

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