Top 8 Things To Do In Rhyl


Walk Around For a Bit

Walk in many different directions by simply putting one foot in front of the other and repeating the process.

Sit Down For a Bit

Once you're all done with walking around for a bit, why not try sitting down? It's great fun!

Look At The Fog

Fog is one of nature's finest sights and where better to see it that Rhyl?

Scratch Your Nose

Scratching your nose releases dolphins - those feel-good hormones from your brain. Try it.

Look Around for a Bit

Looking around makes you see a lot more than if you were just looking straight ahead.

Pick Your Nails

Picking your nails is world-renowned for being therapeutic as long as it's your own nails that you're picking. In Rhyl.

Cross Your Legs

Crossing your legs can be great fun when in Rhyl. Uncrossing them can be just as fun as crossing them. In Rhyl.

Go To Prestatyn

Prestatyn's not far away. Why not go there instead?

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