Top 10 WalesOnCraic stories of 2015

2015 saw our viewing figures go through the roof. Which story was your favourite?

Welsh porn film banned for ‘falsely portraying plumber turning up when he said he would’

We kick off our 2015 Top Ten with this amusing story about a Welsh porn film called Debbie Does Dowlais. Read the story in full here.

Welsh nightclub bans pouting selfies to stop women looking like cockwombles

We think it was the use of the word 'cockwomble' that seemed to draw people to this story. Full story here.

Trefforest man files for divorce after wife fanny farts in his face

Looking back, it was all a bit gross. But 7k people liked it enough to share it.

Russian bomber ushered out of Welsh airspace by police chopper crew who threaten to ‘smack them in the chops’

It's the might of the Russian nuclear army versus the local boys in blue. Find out how it all went here.

Welsh police given new powers to beat the shit out of cyclists who ride more than two abreast

This post was from February popular but divisive. All manner of debates kicked off on Facebook. Read the story here

Wales deliberately lose to England to pretend that they’re shit ahead of World Cup

Wales lost to England in February, ahead of the Rugby World Cup. But it was all part of a cunning plan. Details here.

Man uses piece of wood he put in garage in 1982 ‘because it might come in handy in the future’

block of wood
This story is still doing the rounds. And it's a simple story of a man and a piece of wood.

Welsh Foxes Start Online Petition To Bring Back Hunting Overweight Posh People

In third place is the fox story that was shared over 100k times. Seems we struck a chord there. Read the story here.

Cardiff store apologises for offensive shop banner

In second place was this rather rude story that was shared over 182k times. It fooled a lot of people and you can read it right here.

Coffee Shop Opens In Cardiff For Non-Morning People

grumpy fucker
Our most widely shared story ever. We even had to set up its own separate website. Here's the original story.

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