Top 10 WalesOnCraic posts of 2016

What a year 2016. Winners of 'Best Blog' at the Regional Awards in Cardiff and we will also have reached our 1000th story! Which story was your favourite?

Dolphin gets a tattoo of fat woman from Merthyr inked on its shoulder

We kick off our Top Ten with this post from April. Dolphin gets a tattoo of a fat woman from Merthyr tells the story of how a dolphin in the Atlantic got inked with a picture of a fat woman leaving a Wetherspoons pub.

A470 road workers complete 3 month mannequin challenge

November's craze was called the Mannequin Challenge, where a group of people would stand still and a dickhead would walk around filming them as if they had been frozen in time. It was midly amusing first time round. By the millionth time you'd seen one, you wanted to punch someone's face in. The A470 workers looked as if they'd been doing it for 3 months. 

Labour councillor claims he had to sit on roof of a Valleys Line train

Back in the summer, Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, took a seat on the floor of a train to make the point about how busy trains were, and to justify why the rail network should be nationalised. Sadly, CCTV proved that there were seats available and he looked a bit of a tit. That story was recreated using a made up Labour councillor and a made up train service. 

Clown sighting in Merthyr dismissed as ‘chubby girl with too much makeup on’

October saw the rise of the clown craze where some people took it upon themselves to dress up as clowns and scare the shit out of people. It was admittedly a bit cruel but this clown story was shared over 8,000 times.

Kwik Save Christmas advert fails to melt hearts

Britain waited with bated breath for the 2016 John Lewis advert. When it did arrive, it was just a fox bouncing on a trampoline. Sadly, Kwik Save's budget version, didn't quite have the impact they were hoping for.

Government announces Cardiff Airport to get a third bus stop

One of the biggest news stories of the autumn was the announcement that Heathrow was to get a third runway. Meanwhile, Cardiff was set to get its own third bus stop.

Welsh builder says he can do Buckingham Palace for £200 cash

In November, the Government announced that Buckingham Palace was set to get a renovation at a cost of £370 million. Dai the Paint said he could do it for £200 cash.

BREAKING NEWS: Patch of blue sky spotted over South Wales

blue sky
Throughout last Christmas and into December, we had so much rain, we didn't know when it was going to stop. Then - someone spotted a patch of blue sky.

Cardiff Council’s £30k Christmas tree finally arrives – and it looks like a giant butt plug

butt plug
Cardiff Council found itself in a bit of bother just before Christmas when they announced that their new Christmas tree was going to cost £30k and it would be imported from China. Before the Council revealed their new tree, we posted this story, which many people took as real

Facebook launches new Welsh ‘Reaction’ buttons, including Lush, Tidy and Tamping

Here it is - our top story of 2016! In February, Facebook announced that they were introducing new 'reaction' buttons. So we decided that we needed our own. Read the story in all its glory here.

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