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22nd September 2017

Flapjack for me. I could have had a curry but the shop was shut.

I was gonna ave a chip butty , but the bread was manky like , so then I remembered right that I ad this crackin Pot Noodle for Sunday Dinner , that's it I said to myself , ( coz the cat don't understand a bloody word I say ) I'll ave another Pot Noodle and pretend it's Sunday like , Nice it was too .

Now I'm a bit confused though see , is it Monday today or can I still call it Friday ?



God knows. Bombay Bad Boy was it?

I had me a bit of nice Welsh Rarebit!

Roystone ,

Emm  Bombay Bad Boy noodles is hot , not as hot as my local chippy was a few weeks back init , you see , it burnt down it did , in Richard Street back open it is now , best'est chippy in Barry aye .


I had myself a cracking dinner, leeks with a bit of chicken it was. Blydi lovely

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