Ben Woodburn shortlisted for World Player of the Year

ben woodburn wales

Wales super substitute Ben Woodburn has been shortlisted for World Player of the Year by Welsh football fans.

Woodburn scored a decisive goal against Austria as the Welsh team took another stride towards winning the football World Cup.

One fan said:

“When he came on, all Austrians laughed because he looked so young. But they’re not laughing anymore are they? We’ve all voted Ben for the World Player of the Year because of his amazing goal tonight. If he comes to our town, he can go in any pub he wants, he can take home any girl he wants – he can do whatever he fancies. He is a hero to us.”

World Player of the Year spokesman Mario ThingyBob said:

“Welsh fans have flooded our hotline to vote for Ben Woodburn, even though this is not our usual protocol. He seems a popular player in Wales right now.”

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