5 Insults That The Welsh Don’t Give Two Shits About

We've all heard them - whether we're living away from Wales, or even sometimes in the comfort of our own home. But here are 5 insults that really underwhelm us.

Because we have a relatively high population of sheep here, you thought you'd insult us by suggesting that we have sex with them. Oh, the hilarity. And you should really try it sometime!

Because you heard Windsor Davies say it on It Ain't Half Hot Mum, you think he meant it as an insult did you? Bless.

So you thought that naming us after one of our rivers was going to bring the house down with laughter did you? In fact, Taffy was first used as an 'insult' several hundred years ago in an anti-Welsh song called 'Taffy Was a Welshman'. It went on to say how that he was a liar and a thief. The song was so shit, that no-one can remember it.

By adding the word 'Welsh' as a prefix to create an insult, you in fact adding nothing to it - apart from the fact that we are indeed Welsh. And we're proud of it.

Can't think of any more? Want to revert back the old favourite? Go on. We love it.

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